Gilani removed for his role in exposing Arsalan’s corruption

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, June 20 ( Chief Justice Iftikhar-led judiciary sent Yousuf Raza Gilani packing after learning the Pakistan People’s Party’s involvement in exposing Arsalan’s corruption.
“There seemed to be some understanding between the judiciary and the PPP-led government that the former would not take a step detrimental to democracy. Even when the apex court convicted Gilani for 30 seconds it deliberately avoided ordering his disqualification,” a PPP insider told PakDestiny.
He said the PPP leadership had taken good decision by not filing an appeal in the Supreme Court against his conviction knowing that the court Constitutionally could not set aside the Speaker’s ruling. “But once CJ’s son Arsalan’s Rs340million corruption made the headlines Gilani appeared to be its first victim as all fingers were pointing at the PPP camp.”
The insider said the CJ who was very upset over his son’s alleged corruption and fearing for his reputation had decided to teach a lesson to Gilani considering him responsible for that. Abdul Qadir Gilani’s phone call to Riaz Malik, a property tycoon, from whom Arsalan had received money using his father’s position, in Mubashir Luqman and Mehr Bokhari show also put a last nail in Gilani’s coffin. “The CJP got convinced that the PM camp is active in targeting his son and his reputation and in retaliation he wasted no time and ordered Gilani’s disqualification.”
“Now there are many chances that the CJ also makes Gilani’s son Ali Mosa an example in ephedrine scam,” the PPP insider said adding Gilani should now worry about his son. (

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