Gillani’s win is a result of establishment’s neutrality

  • Imran knows his position with establishment help
  • Testing time begin for the premier
Gillani's win is a result of establishment's neutrality

By Irum Saleem

It is official now. The army establishment remained completely aloof from the Senate polls of Yousuf Raza Gilani vs Hafeez Sheikh.

And result is before every one. Gillani outsmarted Hafeez and bagged the victory with a margin of five votes.

The result of the Islamabad Senate seat is here —

  • Gilani 169 votes
  • Hafeez 164
  • Total 333
  • Votes rejected 6
  • Vote not polled 1
  • Grand Total. 341 votes polled 340

Poor Hafeez must have been begging the establishment to come to his rescue but it refused.

Gilani had already declared that establishment was neutral in the Senate polls. So it proved it.

That all shows where Imran Khan is standing with out establishment.
One election in which establishment refuses to come to his help and the result is before everyone.

On establishment’s refusal poor Khan had to see all his party’s MNAs after more than two years and asked them to vote for Hafeez but at the end of the day his requests fell on deaf ear. And Sheikh lost the Senate election.

The real test of Khan seems to have begun now. If the establishment remains neutral Khan’s throne is in danger. PAK DESTINY

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