The Man with full powers needs to steer Pakistan out of crises?

The Man with full powers needs to steer Pakistan out of crises

By Fayyaz Butt

   This nation needs a father. A father who guides it through these testing times.

    This father is the one who takes care of the entire family.

       He is one with ultimate power and responsibilities.

      The father of the nation is a respectful title given to a person considered the driving force behind the formation of the nation. In my words, father of the Nation means father of the fathers. 

    Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first father of the nation.

After his death don’t we need any leader (father of the nation) with full of power and carrying all responsibilities of the nation.

   Before independence, no doubt this piece of land is ruled by British Army directly or indirectly.

     Be sure the Chief of the British Army was not father of the nation. But having one part of the father that is Power to rule.

Then, do we think after him (Quaid-e-Azam), who took the responsibility and enjoyed the ultimate Power?

    It was not an individual who is from us know as Chief of Army staff. He should be the father of the nation as one portion of the father is with him that the power to make decision whatsoever. No doubt our constitution does not give him such powers but circumstances of the country always referring him, so he should respond the other portion.

   We do believe that the father of the nation should be from our nation and from the general public not an individual out of so many public servants.

    The father of the nation should follow the example of tying two stones on his belly to take the nation forward.

   His powerful and resourceful department should sacrifice resources in the great interest of the nation.

   Target should be that in future, power and the responsibility should be merged to the representative of the general public in a peaceful way. As, we know that the most disciplined department is with him, he should take this responsibility.


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