Shahbaz to reach London to convey establishment’s message to Nawaz for future set up?

Shahbaz to reach London to convey establishment's message to Nawaz for future set up

By Irum Saleem

It has been evident from different quarters that PMLN president Shahbaz Sharif has to rush to London to carry the message of the establishment for his elder brother Nawaz Sharif to let him bargain with it (establishment) for the future set up.

This was somehow confirmed by DAWN’s former editor and ex editor of BBC Urdu Abbas Nasir. “If Shehbaz is allowed to leave — and given the powers involved, it is likely that he will have a mountain to climb in London to bring his elder brother Nawaz over to his side (that is to a conciliatory path) getting the latter to abandon his route of confrontation,” Nasir says.

“One can be sure, the younger brother will argue that at this point it would be strategically prudent to come on board as the gain to the party will be far greater in the long run because it can only go from strength to strength, unlike the perils of confrontation such as what it faced in the early 2000s.”

shahbaz sharif message establishment for nawaz sharif

“The elder Sharif may say he is finding considerable strength in the sort of grassroots traction his narrative is getting and may argue that forming a possible future government without the authority to formulate and implement policy will be pointless. And that the fundamental issues of who has the right to govern, civilian-parliamentary supremacy and constitutional rule need to be resolved before any journey back to the corridors of power, given the impediments that are going to emerge if those questions remains unaddressed.”

The BBC former staffer says these divergent points of view and different players in the game present a number of intangibles and imponderables, as do the dynamics in capitals such as Islamabad, New Delhi, London, Washington, Kabul, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and even Beijing.

The establishment is done with Prime Minister Imran Khan for his inability to govern and steer the country out of crises.
Khan’s obsession with the Sharifs has blinded him towards his focus on taking steps to improve the economy and people’s miseries caused by price hike and inflation. PAK DESTINY

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