New twist in Asad Toor case — Gul Bokhari claims GNN anchor Imran Khan involved in torturing him (Toor)

Asad Toor case -- Gul Bokhari claims GNN anchor Imran Khan involved in torturing him (Toor)

By Raza

Self exiled Pakistani journalist Gul Bokhari has claimed that GNN anchor Imran Khan is involved in attack on Youtuber Asad Toor. Bokhari who is in Europe has given a new twist in the story.

She said anchor Imran Riaz Khan hired two agency men and his body guard to thrash Toor at his Islamabad residence.
The GNN anchor had a personal grudge against Toor as he often target him for being a person who made a lot of wealth toeing the line of agencies, according to Ms Bokhari.

However Toor didn’t buy her news. “That story is completely false and just a propaganda to weaken my case. Police is still investigating my story and I’m waiting for their conclusion, meanwhile all other theories making rounds on social media are just a “service” to my assailants to protect them and bail them out,” Toor said.

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Bokhari responded to Toor “Asad, I am not in the propaganda business. And you should have had more ethics than to call my story a “service” to your assailants. If you don’t even know who attacked you, how did you call this completely false? On what basis? And what is your case exactly?”

Lets see whether the Islamabad police find the truth in this case or not at the end of the day. — PAK DESTINY

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