Express News anchor Imran Khan booked for hurling threats and abuses to junior police official

fir filed against anchor imran khan of express news for threating police official

By Sarmad Ali

At least the people have found one change in Naya Pakistan and that is registration of a report at police stations against the “blackmailing” TV anchors.

The Lahore Hanjarwal police yesterday registered a report against Express TV anchor Imran Khan for hurling threats to small ranking police official and using abusive language. The complaint said Imran Khan wanted him to release a suspect.

As police booked Khan it is interesting to note that Khan is an open supporter of his name sake PM Khan but despite this action is taken against him for using his influence to release a suspect. At least the PTI government and Usman Buzdar should be given some credit for this.

Have Punjab police changed to provide relief to the people…. shall we believe this. Pak Destiny

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