Hamid Mir had defended Musharraf coup against Sharif: Mubashir Lucman

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, July 17 (www.pakdesiny.com) The face-off between ‘anchor(ologists)’ Hamid Mir and Mubashir Lucman again kicked off.
Yesterday Lucman disclosed in his program “Khara Sach” that Hamid had justified Musharraf coup.
He mentioned a column by Hamid Mir published in Daily Ausaf just after the Gen Musharraf’s takeover in 1999 which Hamid Mir blamed it was actually Nawaz Sharif who had violated the Constitution to suspend Pervez Musharaf as Army Chief. At that time Hamid might be on pay roll of the establishment.
Mubashar Lucman announced to broadcast a telephonic conversation of Hamid Mir also in next episode.
Let’s see how Mir defends himself in his program or he only gets satisfied by call Mubashir a “para trooper”. – Pak Destiny

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