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Hard To Believe : Ayesha Omar says will not compromise her values for Bollywood

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar recently said that she would like to do a Bollywood project, but one that was compatible with her values and traditions.

Ayesha Omar is a renowned Pakistani actress, who has made her mark with acting as well as singing. The Pakistani actress made her silver-screen debut with the recent flick Karachi Se Lahore. 

Hard To Believe  Ayesha Omar says will not compromise her values for Bollywood  (3)

Ayesha has not courted fame and glamour overnight. Her popular comedy TV series Bulbulay continues to be popular among the masses and Ayesha’a character in particular (along with Hina Dilpazeer’s Momo) has garnered rave reviews over the years.

Ayesha Omar

The actress recently spoke to an international newspaper news agency and gave her two cents on making her mark in the Indian film industry. Ayesha Omar stated that she would be honoured to receive an offer to work in India, but said that Pakistan was her preference, since the local industry was currently in need of artists.

“Frankly, I’d be very honored and humbled, but I want to work in Pakistan because my country needs us right now,” she said.

“The Indian industry is very lucrative and it’s easy to go there. I want to stay back for a few years and work here. I might, however, do a really good project if it comes my way — only if I don’t have to compromise on my values and feel there is substance in it,” she added.

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The actress also highlighted how the only thing that the local entertainment industry could compete with the Indian one, is content.

“Our production budgets are nothing compared to Bollywood. People are investing their own money and trying to make movies. We are seeking help from a lot of brands, but if there is anything we can compete at, it is content,” she said.

Ayesha was also all praise for content-driven Pakistani dramas which were a hit across the border.

“Our content is very strong. I feel we know how to play with the script, and have some amazing script writers. That’s why our dramas are getting rave reviews across the border, in India,” she stated.

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