Has Bajwa becomes a ‘real bone of contention’ between Elahi and Imran? Fate of PTI-PMLQ alliance be decided this week

Has Bajwa becomes a 'real bone of contention' between Elahi and Imran? Fate of PTI-PMLQ alliance be decided this week

By Irum Saleem

   Has time of a break up between PTI and PMLQ comes near?

   Going by Punjab. Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi’s interview in which he criticised Imran Khan for targeting Gen Bajwa it appears all is not well between the two coalition parties and their political marriage is near to break.

   Moonis Elahi is however still firm on his commitment to stay with Khan.

    In a startling interview to ARY News Parvez Elahi touched the thorny issues.

    Mr Elahi said reminded the ungrateful PTI about the “favours” of Gen (R) Qamar Javed Bajwa upon the party and warned it to keep criticism of the former army chief within limits.

   ” should “remember Bajwa sahab’s favours and not be ungrateful. Bajwa elevated the party’s stature from nothing and supported the government on many international matters such as negotiating procurement of funds from Pakistan’s Arab allies or the International Monetary Fund.”

    Elahi further said: What do they (PTI) think of themselves? Have they descended from the heavens above? If any one of them speaks against Bajwa sahab then I will be the first to speak out and then our entire party will.

They have made it a joke. Can a person be so ungrateful? To say whatever they want … stay within your limits. No one will say [anything more now.”

   Parvez Elahi said: “I told Imran Khan sahab three months ago that Bajwa sahab is ours, yours and PTI’s mohsin (benefactor) so fear God and don’t speak against him.”

“We will not tolerate this (criticism of Bajwa). He is our mohsin and we don’t hear anything against them,” Elahi.

Imran had accused Gen Bajwa of unleashing torture, threats, humiliation, and fake cases against himself, his party leaders, office-bearers, workers, and even social media activists.

  Mr Elahi surprised many when he said former ISI chief Gen Faiz Hameed was against the Chaudhrys.

     “Imran never made Moonis a minister and Faiz Hameed committed injustice with us every now and then to get us arrested. Gen Faiz was strongly against us. He had called up the National Accountability Bureau chairman at the time and told him to arrest me and Moonis around the time of Bajwa’s extension. He crossed all limits. At that time I called Gen Bajwa who straightened Faiz out. Gen Faiz then said he had orders from above of Imran Khan.”

   Elahi said when PMLQ supported PTI in the Senate elections the Khan made Moonis a federal minister.

  After Mr Elahi’s interview, Mr Moonis enters the scene and had a meeting with Imran Khan.

    Afterwards he said in a tweet: “Our unity with PM Imran Khan is permanent and will continue. PMLN continues to mourn.”

    The situation will be clear in this week where PTI and PMLQ relations heading. PAK DESTINY

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