Hassan Nisar was blasted on Twitter for his “anti-democracy” comments

Hassan Nisar anti-democracy statement

By Irum Saleem

   After seeking apology fron nation to support PTI and Imran Khan, controversial media person Hasan Nisar is in news again for his yet another stupid comments. 

    In talk with Paras Jehanzeb, Nisar said: “Pakistan needs uninterrupted 15 years of fascism, anyone mentioning democracy should be dealt by a firing squad and his family should pay for the bullets fired on him, it’s our moral job to try & give Imran Khan 15 years uninterrupted.”

    People on social media blasted him for his goof comments. What a breed of media intellectual we have by the way.

   Journalist Mubashir Zaidi said: “The level of discourse on TV  In any half-decent country, someone like Hassan Nisar would be hounded off media for his repeated embarrassments.”

  Shama Junejo said “Hassan Nisar is also known to brutally torture his own sons and wife until they fled for their lives from him & his house.

No police case of domestic abuse,violence against women & children was ever filed against him because of friendship with Prime Minister Imran Khan & “OTHERS”

Najam Ali said “I am convinced Hassan Nisar is suffering from bipolar disorder. No one including IK can ever support this madness proposed by him.”

   John said: “Hassan Nisar is a Psycho patient …… should be consulted & cured; otherwise, he would increase the number of Psychos in Our Country.”

  Another Twitter user said “Still living in 17th Century while world celebrated 2022. Our role models are still Egypt, Sudan and Burma. Urtugral way of barbaric system seems to be the ideal enviroment for likes of Orya, Hassan Nisar and Haroun Rasheed.” PAK DESTINY

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