Pervaiz Rashid calls Hassan Nisar and Irshad Bhatti “barking dogs” in latest audio leak

Pervaiz Rashid calls Hassan Nisar and Irshad Bhatti "barking dogs" in latest audio leak

By Raza Ruman

  In the latest purported  audiotape of PMLN’s Maryam Nawaz and Pervaiz Rashid which was leaked by PTI supported TV channels ARY News and Samaa TV, Rashid called Irshad Bhatti and Hasan Nisar of Geo TV “barking dogs”.

   Rashid can be heard saying: “They have a programme ‘Score Card’,” in an apparent reference to Geo News’ well-known show Report Card.

“You know [journalist] Hasan Nisar is included in the programme who abuses us (PML-N) a lot,” he allegedly adds.

Meanwhile, Maryam allegedly says that anchorperson Irshad Bhatti also appears on the show, to which Rashid responds that Bhatti too “talks very vulgarly”. The two then allegedly speak about veteran journalist Mazhar Abbas who, Rashid claims, is “tilted against us and spins [things] to make fun of us”.

“Nobody there can be called our spokesperson. [Analyst Hafeezullah Niazi] did not give our point of view but the way they abuse us … he would treat Imran Khan the same way. They have removed him and discontinued his column,” Rashid allegedly says.

At this point in the alleged audio, Maryam says she would first ask Niazi the reason for his removal from the panel and then take up the matter with Jang Group owner Mir Shakeelur Rehman.

“It will become an imbalanced programme. If there was a check on Imran Khan, you have ended it and [imposed] barking dogs on us,” Rashid allegedly says.

“Indeed, this is bias,” Maryam purportedly responds. Towards the end of the clip, Maryam allegedly passes instructions that a pair of baskets that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif brought from Azerbaijan should be sent to journalists Nusrat Javed and Rana Jawad.

    The Twitter was taken by storm on this revelation of Maryam and Rashid with mix comments pouring in.

    Most of the Twitter users chided the journalists and anchors for being partisan after taking Lafafa.

    The trend on Twitter was with hashtag of “barking dogs”.

    Ayesha Ashraf said: “When country’s economy is in shambles & national security is vulnerable these pol parties are busy in doing propagandas against one another. This needs to stop & their must be bridled freedom of speech otherwise we’ll keep becoming victims.”

   “They must adopt neutrality and shouldn’t admire any party. They should place positive and negative aspects and leave it to the audience to decide what’s wrong and what’s right, this is how professional journalism works,” she further said.

  Muhammad Imran said: “Imagine if Imran Khan or a key member of his party had called the journalists barking dogs instead of Maryam Nawaz and Pervez Rashid in the leaked audio, what would the media have done to them? PTI would have been declared a fascist party.”

   M Yasir said: “A Step ahead of the #SicillianMafia They l think #Pakistan as Their inheritance .These leeches still thirsty 2 bleed #Pak  #PMLN #PPP n others has become a True #Mafia They hv Judges Journalists Millions of Tax Payers Money. How will they b eradicated?”

    Interesting part is this that those “barking dogs” are taking it a certificate of their unbais opinion…what a shame. PAK DESTINY

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