Higher education system in shambles in Pakistan

Higher education system in shambles in Pakistan

By Maryam Farooq Nisar

Higher education is not only a potent but also a vital tool for constructing an up-to-date, erudite, refined and pacific society. In- depth knowledge is communicated far and wide if this dynamic aspect is given priority. Quality higher education is the key to success and need of the hour in this age of globalization. This is escalating day by day at a rapid pace.

Every citizen of any state enjoys the privilege of basic and best education provided affably by his country. However, situation in Pakistan is not very conducive in this aspect. Aspirants of higher education are left with least or no option how to attain this goal of theirs due to meager opportunities available. Nowadays, higher education is not deemed as superfluity, rather it is crucial for subsistence.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s higher education system does not stand anywhere when compared to the world’s higher education systems when it comes to quality. Our education system lacks certain dynamic factors such as encouraging environs for learning and teaching, qualified teachers, up-to-date curriculum, infrastructure, research prospects, active feedback, and the like.

The snags tormenting the educational system of Pakistan are massive. The extensive structural issues in higher education system of Pakistan are paving way to pitiable control of these institutions and dubious standards of education. Authoritative alterations are visible both in private and public sector universities. The education system in the public sector is devoid of proper autonomy and is dominated by robust political pressures.

Majority of the universities both in the public and private sectors in Pakistan comprise of the board of governors who are either donors, appointees, government nominees, public figures or alumni. Rarely one comes across a board member who is appointed fairly and has an exceptional academic record and is acquainted with appropriate knowledge about the efficient running of universities.

Lately, universities in the private sector in Pakistan have grown tremendously. Undoubtedly, these universities provide variety of opportunities to students but mostly the existence and growth of these institutions is questionable. These institutions lack proper resources, qualified faculty, efficient educational management system, political stability, managerial efficiency etc.

The classrooms are overcrowded which lead to various problems such as, population explosion, deprivation of knowledge intake, managerial incompetence and scanty student services.

This dilemma of higher education system in Pakistan is extremely exasperating. A lot has to be achieved and amended to bring the level of education at par with international standards. There is great need for enhanced management to certify quality reassurance in the educational sector. Higher education in Pakistan can only be brought on international standards by qualified graduates who can assist in the transformation of these institutions. Accurate balance must be taken into consideration for the progress of faculty members and the progression in teaching. Pak Destiny

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