How GeoNews’ so-called ‘genious’ Irshad Bhatti causes attack on its Karachi office?

How GeoNews' so-called 'genious' Irshad Bhatti causes attack on its Karachi office?

By Raza Ruman

Geo News is tagged anti-establishment and pro PMLN but on the contrary it’s owner Mir Shakilur Rehman has had touts of the establishment and the PTI in its ranks who often help him cut a deal with the power circles.

The Sunday’s attack on Geo News offices in Karachi by a group of protesters angry over remarks made on Sindhi language by one of the PTI touts — Irshad Bhatti — is a clear example who its management chooses it’s targets.

The protesters allegedly manhandled the staff present there. But in its reporting the so called champion of journalism, the Geo and Hang group did not tell it’s audience as why the angry mob attacked it’s office. It had been clamouring that it’s offices came under attack but not telling who the attackers were and why they attacked it. What a shame for the media group to hide the truth. And truth is it’s PTI tout anchor Irshad Bhatti in his program –Khabernaak — tried to disrespect the Sindhi people.

Geo News said it had also broadcast a clarification of Irshad Bhatti in which he said he did not mean to disrespect the province of Sindh or Sindhi language in his show.

Mit Shakilur Rehman should stop playing the double game. He should either choose the establishment for doing journalism or do real journalism. As he already suffered because of this double game. PAK DESTINY

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