Will Geo follow CNN to sack Sana Bucha for plagiaring The Economist article?

Islamabad, Aug 15 (www.pakdestiny.com) Will the Geo show ‘some’ courage and suspend anchor Sana Bucha following in the footstep of the CNN on plagiarism charges.
The Geo/Jang group these days is propagating adopting the ‘Geo asool (principle)’ in journalism but practically doing against it.
The Time magazine and CNN has suspended an Indian-American journalist and author, Fareed Zakaria, for plagiarizing some sections of his column “The Case for Gun Control” from historian Jill Lepore’s work in the New Yorker. “He wrote a shorter blog post on CNN.com on the same issue which included similar unattributed excerpts.
Despite the findings of the inquiry committee of the organization (Geo) that Sana Bucha plagiarized an article of the Economist, no action has been taken against her so far. She also showed no ‘morality’ and stuck to the group albeit the charges were proved.
Bucha’s article published in The News on Sunday 17 July 2011. Her article is a word to word copy of the article published in The Economist on July 14, 2011. Even some phrases in paragraphs are same.


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