Ahsan Iqbal vs CJP Nisar…. the former challenge the latter to please Nawaz Sharif

By Sarmad Ali

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s taking on Chief Justice Saqib Nisar for commenting that he (Ahsan) was the ‘safarshi’ of Lahore College for Woman University Vice Chancellor Dr Uzma Qureshi.

“Chief Justice sahib have big heart. If you have respect so do we have. Charge sheet me if any thing is established against me.”

Ahsan strong stance against CJP shows that PMLN is in no mood to spare the judiciary even on simple utterances about the party leaders.
Ahsan who is otherwise wears a cool look appears very much angry for his name being used as Safarshi of Ms Qureshi.
Ahsan comments tell the story that now those loyal to Nawaz Sharia will have to speak the language of his master to prove his loyalty. Pak Destiny


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