Hunting of Imran Khan expedited?

Hunting of Imran Khan expedited

By Raza Ruman

    A strange game is playing out in Lahore as the PDM government is hunting for Imran Khan.

   Dawn, perhaps the only newspaper in Pakistan which is raising questions on illegal detention of political workers by the establishment backed PDM government.

   “Given how ‘normalised’ state excesses have become, it was reassuring to see that the Friday negotiation at least was conducted civilly. A deadlock still remains on how many policemen are to conduct the search, but it is hoped that the matter will be handled with wisdom and restraint. The presence of dozens of media persons at Zaman Park seems to have played a role in keeping a lid on the situation so far,” the paper writes.

   Abandoned and besieged by powerful quarters, Mr Khan now seems to be seeking the protection of the fourth estate. The cameras that followed the government delegation were a reminder of the power the press still holds when called on to check authority. The Punjab caretaker set-up must be asked what it is basing its claims on. Could they have been misguided?

  “Can the miscreants allegedly hiding in Zaman Park even present such a grave threat that hundreds of policemen will be needed to subdue them? One hopes that this isn’t just another provocation by a vengeful state. The targeting of PTI workers and sympathisers has turned into a rather ugly witch-hunt. It should stop somewhere.”

    This is dangerous game who knows where this ends up and how much loss the nation suffers. PAK DESTINY

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