Imran gives a ‘shut-up call’ to Reham’s cousin

By Iram Salim

Islamabad ( Imran Khan has given a shut-up call to the cousin of Reham Khan for blaming Jemima Khan for allegedly running a campaign against her.
A Reham’s cousin who without disclosing her/his name vomited out her/his venom against Jemima without having a little proof. The shameless cousin could not bring forth any evidence about Jemima’s involvement in any of the story run against Reham.
While Jemima’s spokesman dismissed the claim as a ‘lie’ Imran Khan rises to defend her former wife. He gave a shut-up call to Reham’s cousin saying “it is a sheer non-sense.” Jemima had congratulated the new couple, he added.
It seems Reham’s cousin has gone out of mind to level such a shameless allegation. Perhaps Reham and company now forget PML-N. Grow up my dear. Pakdestiny


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