IB gets an FIR registered against Arshad Sharif – will police arrest the ARY anchor?

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By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny)  Finally ARY anchor Arshad Sharif is booked for revealing a ‘fake’ Intelligence Bureau (IB) list that 37 parliamentarians mostly PML-N members had links with militant organizations.

Islamabad Police on Saturday registered a FIR against Arshad under sections 471, 420, 500 and 468 of Pakistan Penal Code. The case has been registered against Arshad on the complaint of an IB officer.


In its complaint filed with PEMRA, the IB officer said the document displayed in Arshad’s show was a fake. The program aired on September 25 and 27.

“The information disclosed and journalistic analysis made by the host in the programme was his professional responsibility, that information regarding the illegal conduct of the Intelligence Bureau should be available in the public domain,” the officer said.

Arshad said Director General Intelligence Bureau Aftab Sultan “was the originator and architect of the report to be  submitted to Nawaz Sharif saying a forward block in PML-N is being carved out.”

    Poor Arshad… he just got afraid of IB. He tweeted: “Just returned from CoC Pemra. Have submitted reply. A senior IB official threatened me in the presence of CoC members & lawyers.” Don’t be afraid face the music, why are you afraid… Man.
      The million dollar question is will police arrest Arshad Sharif for four counts… if they failed it means in this case to the law of the land is different for the poor and the resourceful. – Pak Destiny
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