Imad Wasim’s Unethical Private Whatsapp Audio Leaked By His Girlfriend

Dutch resident Afghan girlfriend of Imad Wasim has leaked Whatsapp audio message of Imad Wasim where he can be heard saying things which are considered immoral and unethical in our society. When all this started Imad denied knowing that girl because he thought this girl might not show her identy as she leaked her pictures with Imad with obscure face.

Now Imad is caught red handed but surprisingly he has not appeared on any channel to refute all these allegations. I think he is following Mahira Khan‘s footstep where she never uttered a single word for the controversial leaked pictures of Ranbir with her. Lets hear this leaked Whatsapp audio message



imad wasim,scandal,afghan girlImad Wasim Scandal : Private Pictures with Afghan Girl Leaked


imad wasim scandal video leakedVideo Part-1 Leaked : Imad Wasim Scandal’s First Video Released



Second Video Leaked : Imad Wasim Scandal’s Another Video Released



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