Fraud Morning Show Exposed. Nida Yasir’s planted audience and fake issues

This video has exposed Nida Yasir of Good Morning Pakistan and all other morning shows which plant their actors in audience and bring up their fake issues and problems just to get good rating. But one thing is quite visible that these morning show host are mostly dumb especially Nida Yasir who couldn’t even remember what role she had given to her fake audience’s in previous shows.

A woman cried over the problem of being issue-less  in a previous show but suddenly after few months that exact woman miraculously  had two children and she brought them up as a single parent as her husband lives out of country.

Watch this video and think how our morning show viewers, mostly women, being tricked and fooled EVERY MORNING. We would like to say one word to Nida Yasir and her fraternity “کچھ شرم ھوتی ھے ، کچھ حیا ھوتی ھے” | PakDestiny

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