Imran Khan to remain in jail till 2029?

Imran Khan to remain in jail till 2029

By Irum Saleem

       The Shehbaz government intends to keep former prime minister Imran Khan in jail till 2029.

       The fonder leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has been in jail since August last year in different cases.

    “People come to us and tell us if Pakistan has to progress then keep Imran Khan in jail for the government’s five-year term till 2029” Federal Planning and Development Minister and ruling PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal said on Saturday evening during a talk with journalists in Lahore.

    The minister was categorical regarding the government’s fear to release Mr Khan. “If Imran Khan comes out of jail then there will be again sit-ins and fight and Pakistan can not afford this. Imran Khan is an angry man and it is not known with whom he has a quarrel,” he said.

     The minister also talked about the government’s perfect equation with the military establishment.

     “In the past politicians would fight with the military establishment and vice versa.

Now we are going along together for the sake of the country. We cannot afford fighting with each,” he said.

     To a question about ongoing confrontation between the judiciary and the military establishment, Iqbal said: “Both should think whether this confrontation is better for the country.”

    Ahsan Iqbal took on the judiciary saying whenever Mr Khan had a difficult time he used the ‘shoulder of the judiciary’ to get relief.

       This statement shows that there has been a deadlock between the establishment and PTI.

     The PTI will have to conceed if it wants to get any thing from the other stakeholders. PAK DESTINY

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