Imran Khan warns of steeling his party’s mandate

Imran Khan warns of steeling his party's mandate

By Raza Ruman

   PTI founding chairman Imran Khan in a message from jail through his family said that his and his party struggle will against those who stole his party’s mandate in Feb 8 polls.

     “I express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of Pakistan for entrusting PTI with a resounding 2/3rd majority. It was heartening to see the massive turnout. The families voting together, including women and children—truly exemplified the essence of democracy,” Khan said and added he would like to especially commend our Social Media for its relentless efforts to stay ahead of the curve.

    “I also appreciate the role of the resilient polling agents who secured form 45 in the face of harassment and threats. As the people of Pakistan have clearly pronounced their verdict, there is a dire need for democracy and fairness in Pakistan’s elections. I warn against the misadventure of forming a government with stolen votes. Such daylight robbery will not only be a disrespect to the citizens, but will also push the country’s economy further into a downward spiral,” Khan said.

     Imran Khan further said the PTI will never compromise on people’s will, and I have categorically instructed my party against engaging with any political party that has robbed people’s mandate, including PPP, PMLN & MQM.

     It is to be seen whether political temperature rises or not. Whether some sanity prevails? PAK DESTINY

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