Imran predicts downfall of media ‘Godfather’ MSR

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) PTI chief Imran Khan has predicted down fall of Mir Shakilur Rehman, Jang/Geo head, along with former premier Nawaz Sharif.

“MSR… the media Godfather… you will down with your master, Nawaz Sharif. You are protecting a big thief after taking money… your time will end with Nawaz,” Khan predicted today at a public meeting in Hafizabad.

Khan’s latest tirade came after the whole Jjang Geo group started calling Imran Khan ‘bad character man’. The shameless attitude of this media group is surprising for many. Now Khan has decided to openly wage war on MSR and his group till either one of them go down – Kkhan or MSR.

Let’s see what reaction MSR give through his media house. But one is there Khan told MSR he is not going to be blackmailed. Pak Destiny


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