‘MQM-paid’ journalists tried to sabotage Imran Khan’s press conference

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) MQM-paid journalists today tried to sabotage Imran Khan’s press conference in Karachi on Wednesday evening.

Khan’s first reaction to the ‘intruders’ at his press conference that MQM workers had stormed in. Later he was told that the bunch of guys who stopped the press conference were so-called journalists.

“They are journalists, really,” Khan reacted when he was told about the identity of the intruders. Later it was revealed that the ‘intruders’ were MQM-paid journalists and they were tasked to spoil Khan’s press conference. “The MQM journalists were on the mission to humiliate Khan and spoil his press conference on the order of the MQM leadership,” a PTI leader told Pak Destiny.

These journalists, he said, claimed that Imran Khan started the press conference half-an-hour ahead of schedule. – Pak Destiny


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