Maryam’s most venomous attack on SC judges

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Maryam Nawaz today made one of the venomous attacks on Supreme Court judges for disqualifying her father Nawaz Sharif in Panama Papers case.

“Do you want a Pakistan, where there’s no importance of people’s votes, where elected prime minister doesn’t get justice, where on failing to find evidence of corruption he is ousted on Iqama, where the PM is impeached first and tried later, where no one has the courage to bring back Musharraf for violating the Constitution?” she said.

Maryam said the judges hide before contempt. This is perhaps the  most lethal comment so far she made during her campaign against judiciary.

She also declared that the five judges who handed down disqualification to Nawaz became lawyers of Imran Khan became Imran’s lawyers and declared him hones. “Despite admitting owning the offshore company, the judges declared Imran Khan Sadiq and Ameen,” she said. – Pak Destiny


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