India’s meek surrender to China — knows well it’s military has no match with China

India's meek surrender to China -- knows well it's military has no match with China

By Maryam Farooq Nisar

Hostility has gained momentum on the border clash between China and India in the Galwan Valley, in the Ladakh area. However, New Delhi has been warned by judicious authorities within state, along with Chinese analysists that New Delhi needs to cool down chauvinism at home.

There are all the more chances of India being more humiliated as compared to its 1962 border conflict with China, provided if it cannot rheostat sentiments against China at home. It just can’t afford to have another military conflict with its largest neighbor.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi falsely claimed that there was no
intrusion into India’s border area, in the Galwan valley of the Ladakh
area by any foreign armed forces. This was perhaps a face saving
strategy by Modi.

However, it is evident and known to Modi’s government too that it cannot enter into any further skirmish with China. Hence the only solution being an effort to recuperate relations with China.

Nonetheless, Modi has repeatedly proclaimed the Indian stance that its forces are well equipped to handle the Chinese army. This is merely a means to boost the Indian army’s morale and appease the Indian masses.

To avoid further tensions with China, Modi is now playing with words. This tactic of his is to elude an intensification in the Galwan valley, since he is totally against setting free his army to indulge in another clash. It is an accepted fact that China is far ahead than India not only in the military arena, but also its inclusive and global imperative has no parallels with the latter.

It is quite normal to see frenzied chauvinism in Indian states, but it’s not a point of concern for China at all. India is at a different pedestal when it has an encounter with Pakistan or other neighboring countries where it is ready to take action, but the story is turtle turned when China is its enemy.

The vision is very clear for the Indian government and its military leaders about the supremacy of China. However, some harsh words might be emitted by the oblivious and egotistical Indian separatists, but it is an audacious step for them to take the first shot against China. Chinese experts are of the view that Indian does not want to pressurize its government to provoke China further as it is now aware of its armed superiority.

If China issues the number of its fatalities and if they are less than the known 20 Indian causalities, there are all the more chances that the Indian government would again come under pressure.

Indian forces make use of weaponries purchased from different countries which might not synchronize well with each. According to observers, there are chances that India’s disorderly troops can kick in the teeth their own submarines in the ship yard and shoot down a reactive helicopter.

It is in the better interest of India to concentrate on its own internal issues, rather than having chafing with its neighbors. This might lead to a point of no return for India as it can only aggravate the situation and might mutilate India even more. PAK DESTINY

The writer, Maryam Farooq Nisar , is a visiting faculty member at the Punjab University Lahore

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