Reham in big trouble for speaking against Pakistan’s interest on Indian media… PA moved to ban her entry in Pakistan

Reham in big trouble for speaking against Pakistan's interest on Indian media... PA moved to ban her entry in Pakistan

By Iram Salim

Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan, is landed in hot waters after the Punjab Assembly members demanded ban on her from Pakistan for giving an anti-India interview to an Indian channel.

Reham had spoken against Pakistan military establishment in her interview to India Today in connection with Pulwama attack.
She admitted that Imran Khan is a puppet of establishment. She also indirectly blamed generals.

On this Punjab Assembly members of PTI submitted a resolution demanding ban on Rehman from her entry to Pakistan.

Reacting strongly Reham tweeted: “

‏دنیا کی کوئی طاقت مجھے اپنے وطن میں آنے سے نہیں روک سکتی ۔ پاکستان سے محبت میری رگوں میں خون بن کے دوڑتی ہے اور غداری کے سرٹیفیکیٹ بانٹنے والے میری وطن سے محبت کو کم نہیں کر سکتے ۔
آپ اپنا ہر حربہ استعمال کر کے دیکھ لیں جب میں نے پاکستان آنا ہو گا میں آ جاوں گی”

Poor Reham landed herself in a big trouble for allegedly speaking against the interest of Pakistan on Indian media.
Let’s see if this move… ban her from entering into Pakistan… succeeds. Pak Destiny


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