Interview Scandal mystery solved: Geo’s Shakilur Rehman teaches Dunya’s Amer Mahmood ‘A B C’ of Journalism

By Sania Sharrif
Islamabad June 18 ( Mir Shakilur Rehman, owner of Jang/Geo group, has taught Mian Amer Mehmood, owner of Dunya TV, the ‘A B C’ of journalism by acquiring the tape of off-air conversation of anchors Mubashir Luqman and Mehr Bukhari with property tycoon Malik Riaz during an interview break.
Shakil has planted his men in almost all other media organizations and through them he does not let them beat it (Geo/Jang).
According to a Dunya TV journalist, the inquiry committee probing the leak of off-air conversation has found the ‘culprits’ in its organization working for Shakilur Rehman. “Yes the culprits have been identified and sacked subsequently,” the journalist said. He said the Geo group in fact wanted to distract the people’s attention on Arsalan Iftikhar’s corruption case that’s why it made an issue out of it.
“No doubt Shakil knows how to do journalism in Pakistan. He knows the art of blackmailing as well as turning a vilan into hero and visa versa. On the other hand Amer Mehmood is a novice in the business had entered this arena to gain power. Mehmood should better take classes of journalism being practised in Pakistan from one of his own Punjab group of colleges,” he suggested.
Meanwhile, Luqman who had run away to London to avoid probe into Interview scandal by the judicial commission, announced today that he was on way back home to face the charges.
On the story of Lucman Twitted: “I am coming back to STAY I will Inshallah do my Show on Dunya TV and give an answer to all accusations.”

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