List B: Unmasking of corrupt media persons and owners remains a distant dream

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, April 26 ( So the ‘List B’ contains no names. It was expected when the ‘List A’ containing the names of small time beneficiaries of PPP’s government’s information secret funds was out early this week.
There was a lot of talk that List B which contains the name of ‘notorious’ anchors, journalists and media houses owners may not be out to protect them.
So the government managed to save the ones whom it was bribing and the judiciary fails to unmask them.
It told the Supreme Court that the List B contained no names, but there was an expenditure of over 86million on the listless people.
Earlier, the government told the court it had to pay to ‘ghost writers’ to portray good image of the government and country.
Right wing writer Ansar Abbasi has rightly called media a ‘sacred cow’ in Pakistan and sees its accountability is not possible. The notorious journalists, anchors and media houses owners are getting away with their crime, unfortunately, he said. – Pak Destiny

Ansar Abbasi column
ansar abbasi column


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