It is time to open the third envelop

By Fayaz Butt

The current political situation is very well remarked by one of our friend in a way that we just trying to narrate the same to my readers.

Once upon a time a newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of a developing organization met to ex-Chief Operating Officer of the same organization. Both were in very happy mode, the newly born baby was talking about the problems he was facing while performing his duties including the rough attitude of the employer. All of a sudden he asked to the old guy about how he handled the situations while he was performing his duties. The old guy said do not worry keep these three envelopes duly marked one, two and three. Whenever you are in deep problem and think that I am very near to be fired open the first one and so on.

One day the newly appointed guy was in trouble and really in need of some consultancy about his job. He got remembered that he has three envelopes. He decided to open the number one envelop. He did the same, got a page out of that envelop in which it was written — say to employers this happened due to the bad and ill methods of the previous Chief Operating Officer –.

   He did the same and the employer said ok. Ok. Next time again he was in trouble and decided to open the second one the same message came out from the envelop and the same result.

Now, the third time he was in trouble and decided to open the third, obviously the last envelop. As he opened it he got a message………” PREPARE THREE EVELOPES”””…………….

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