PML-N to rope Sita White Junior in to check Imran Khan’s popularity

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, July 11 ( The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has tasked some of its ‘intelligent brains’ to bring Sita White Junior to Pakistan before next general elections to deal with the political threat of Imran Khan.

Highly reliable sources told PakDestiny that the PML men had managed to establish a contact with Ms White junior and were negotiating with her on their terms and condition.

“It will be disastrous for the Khan’s PTI if Ms White comes here and starts opening up her mother’s life’s past chapters with Mr Khan before the Pakistani public,” said the source. He said even if she refuses to come here the PML-N would like to have some juicy stuff from her to use it against Khan through its media persons who are on its pay roll.

A PML-N circle believes that as Imran Khan will damage it most as compare to PPP, the PML-N may not even form government in Punjab. Therefore it is necessary to check Khan’s popularity through such tactics. Sita claimed that she had a daughter from Imran. Ms White junior is now 18-year-old. Imran only confesses his relations with Sita before his marriage to Jemima –

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