It’s 8 month rule of Imran Khan and at least 80 million Pakistanis crying of being cheated

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By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) The unbelievable price hike and inflation have made most people of Pakistan cry… meeting the predication of Asad Umar like predictions the PTI stalwarts had been making for weeks.

The latest data showed the Consumer Price Index rising by 9.4pc in March compared to the same period last year – largest increase in five years, isn’t it shameful for PM Imran Khan and his cabinet members.

    Managing inflation and its attendant expectations are among the most critical and most complex political and economic obligations to be shouldered by those in power. But these are not in control of the PTI government because of itsincompetence. It is better the PTI chief and his favourites to resign to have mercy on this nation. 

    One is sick of hearing the PTI chracters that “under pressureit increased fuel, electricity and gas prices”.   Mr Khan please have mercy on this nation and go home if you cannot deliver. – Pak Destiny 

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