It’s not Imran, someone else is calling the shot?

It's not Imran, someone else is calling the shot?

By Sarmad Ali

How interesting the anchor who never stopped praising Imran Khan and taking on Sharifs now has finally changed his opinion.

Arif Hameed Bhatti now thinks that it is not Prime Minister who is calling shots. He implies that Khan is a puppet premier. The Sharifs and opposition call Khan a puppet and stooge too.

Bhatti says:
“‏پاکستان کی اہم ترین شخصیت او ایس ڈی بن گئی ؟ عملاً حکومتی اختیارات کون استعمال کر رہا ہے حقائق واضع ہو گئے۔
الله کورونا کی وبا سے پاکستان کو بچائے۔
عدالتی فیصلے پر کون عمل نہیں ہونے دے رہا ؟دانش سے منی لابنڈرنگ کرنے والے کو کس نے اور کیوں بچایا؟”

Imran Khan needs to assert his authority but the question is can he? Pak Destiny

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