“Enemies” PTI’s Naeemul Haq and anchor Arif Hameed Bhatti become friends again…liquor and girls issue buried?

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By Raza Ruman

Prime minister’s adviser Naeemul Haque and GNN anchor Arif Hameed Bhatti have become friends again, proving that they no longer afford to be enemies under the PTI regime.

    Both hugged at the Governor’s House on Saturday. Governor Sarwar also had pictured with them taking some credit of the new friendship.

   Haq has found a beautiful reason for his below the belt comments for Bhatti. He says he made such comments because of

“blind and vicious social media”. Hays off to this guy for making the social media scapegoat.

   Haq on Twitter had called Bhatti an “unemployed drunk.” Bhatti had accused Haq of “unethical activities involving girls on the fourth floor of the PM Secretariat.”

     “Had a very good meeting with Arif Hamid Bhatti. We removed all misunderstandings which were caused primarily by the
blind and vicious Social Media,” Haq tweeted on Saturday.

Bhatti should know that he can’t afford to take on the PTI leaders as his duty is only assigned to propagate against PMLN and PPP leadership. He can’t cross the line whenever he will Naeemul Haq like show him his “auqat”. Pak Destiny


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