It’s personal between Imran and Shakilur Reman… isn’t it?

It's personal between Imran and Shakilur Reman... isn't it?

By Sarmad Ali

It is something personal between Imran Khan and Mir Shakeelur Rehman.

Dawn Leaks character Cyril Almeida believes that on the arrest of Shakil there are strong foot prints of Imran’s vengeance against him.

“What’s the history b/w IK and MSR? Seems to be smth personal… at least with NS, the personal dislike can be traced somewhat to harassment of first wife/lahore/overlapping politics in Punj…” Almeida says.

My dear it is all about personal.
It was personal between Nawz and Musharraf.
It was peronal between Nawaz and Ishaq Khan.
It was personal between Zia and Bhutto.
Nothing is based on principles… Man. Pak Destiny


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