Imran Khan refuses to shun his “Maula Jatt” like style of speech… impacting terribly on stock market and dollar

imran khan speech after budget session 2019-2020, maula jatt,nuri nath

By Raza Ruman

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan ever shun his Nuri Nath and Maula Jatt like style of speech.

Once again Khan made a typical speech on TV on budget day yesterday targeting his opponents and not a word about the plight of the common man in the wake of his government’s bad policies and terrible budget.

Going by his body language and language one doesn’t see him a prime minister is speaking.

In the video clip journalist Hamid Mir rightly pointing out that stock market crashed and US dollar increased after Khan’s terrible speech.
One hopes this man learns one day and grows up. Pak Destiny

Full speech of PM Imran Khan after Budget Session 2019-2020

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