Ghosts that haunting Imran Khan — Nawaz’s return may unnerve PTI?

Ghosts that haunting Imran Khan -- Nawaz's return may unnerve PTI?

By Raza Ruman

   Why a very idea of Nawaz Sharif returning or cutting deal with establishment haunts Imran Khan terribly? Has not Khan had good time in PM House for over three years. And he has already achieved the maximum in life — becoming premier — a goal he set 22 years ago. So he doesn’t come out of shadow of Nawaz which is hovering over him for years.

     Now there is talk if Nawaz’s return from London and possible acquittal…this very idea has immensely disturbed Khan who is figuring out whether the establishment has really cut a deal with Sharifs.

  Khan had focused on his performance he would have outsmarted Sharifs and Zardaris but since his focus were these two families he failed to deliver on every other front.

    His chooran of taking on both families on daily basis goes in gutter…what a shame.

   Fahd Hussain writes in Dawn saying “Perhaps equally damaging was the government’s inability, even after three years in power, to grow beyond blaming the opposition for everything and provide a clear roadmap of governance.”

    The more PTI government struggles with governance, the more it revertes to attacking the opposition in a language, and with the substance, that harked back to the years prior to 2018. Digging your way out of a hole has never been considered an effective strategy.

  As 2020 ends, PTI is in worse shape than it was when 2021 had dawned. It is now struggling to stay afloat in a sea of mounting troubles and there are genuine existential fears haunting it as it braces for a fresh onslaught from opponents in the coming year. Has the party leadership learnt the right lessons? Or any lessons? The answer may be more important for the party than it may want to admit.

 The PML-N on the other hand is grudgingly acknowledging that it has learnt some lessons. Through the year, the party struggled against the government, and against itself, and failed to come on top on both fronts. Whether it was through the PDM, or via its solo flight against the government and the establishment, the PML-N was unable to achieve the stated objectives of dragging the PTI down in the centre and in Punjab. The duality of narrative inside the party kept asserting itself in obvious — and often crude — ways without any indication that it might reconcile one way or another. Post-budget it appears that the PTI was coasting along smoothly for the rest of the term while the PML-N was floundering on the basis of its own contradictions.

   So the future of Imran Khan looks bleak. PAK DESTINY

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