Judge Arshad Malik reveals that Hussain Nawaz offered him Rs500million to acquit Nawaz Sharif

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By Raza Ruman

Islamabad Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik who handed down 7 years imprisonment to former premier Nawaz Sharif today revealed he was offered Rs500million by Hussain Nawaz as bribe to acquit Sharif.

He said this offer was given to him during his stay in Saudi Arabia.
Malik who was today stopped by the higher court from working also disclosed that a PMLN man also offered him Rs100million if he acquits Nawaz Sharif.
Judge Malik made these revelation in his affidavit.

The high court has made his affidavit part of Nawaz bail application.
This case has become quite dicey. Who is a lair and who is sacha only time will tell.

But troubles for Sharif have compounded after Malik’s affidavit. Pak Destiny


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