Dr Yasmin on the footsteps of Shahbaz Sharif

Dr Yasmin on the footsteps of Shahbaz Sharif

   By Raza Ruman

The overly rated Punjab health minister Dr Yasmin Rashid who was tipped by Prime Minister Imran Khan has so far proved to be a failure to deliver in the sector.

   Still countless issues at the public hospitals are mocking her as she is busy in politics PMA (Pakistan Medical Association) and posting people of her choice on important positions in the health sector.

    The much promised minister has opted the style of ‘show-baz’ Shahbaz Sharif of raiding health facilities and suspending officials there.     

    The only face saving point she had it from the Supreme Court. Earlier,  she has been on the receiving end of severe criticism by the chief justice in recent weeks, first over the issue of Punjab Healthcare Commission’s board and then on a lack of legislation regarding Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute.

    The chief justice had expressed his disappointment with Dr Rashid’s performance since taking charge, saying that he had a lot of expectations from her.

    However, in what seemed a departure from his evaluation of the minister’s conduct, the chief justice on Saturday appreciated Dr Yasmin when told by the minister that his recent remarks had led to the opposition demanding her resignation.

    What Yasmin needs to do is to focus on building new hospitals in every district of Punjab and providing basic health facilities  in the hospitals where four, four patients are on each bed. Pak Destiny

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