What next for PM Khan after humiliating defeat in KP local polls?

What next for PM Khan after humiliating defeat in KP local polls

By Raza Ruman

What now for PM KHAN after humiliating defeat in KP local government polls? Is his fate is written on wall and needs to read it? Many questions after this defeat has upset the supporters of the PTI whose fate seems to be hanging in the balance.

    The PTI walas are citing price hike and inflation responsible for what happened to their party in KP. Now fear is simmering when the talk of local body polls in Punjab takes place. Will Khan go for some extra ordinary step? Questions are being raised.  This election in KP appears to be prelude to what is going to happen to PTI in days to come.

     The most disturbing part for Mr Khan is that he lost to his arch rival Fazlur Rehman. Nothing could be more embarrassing for Khan.

     PTI suffered a major setback after Fazl’s Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) candidate won the seat for the coveted post of Peshawar mayor in the first local government elections in KP

   According to the unofficial results from 30 tehsils, the JUI-F is leading with 13 seats, followed by the ruling PTI (6), PML-N (3), Awami National Party (3), Jamaat-i-Islami (1) and PPP (1). Meanwhile, independent candidates have secured three seats.

    This shame for PTI was in store after what it had done with people. PAK DESTINY

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