‘Kashmala-Jan fight’… it was a story of anchor Matiullaha Jan’s ‘tharak’ that caused the whole drama – Rameeza should take note of



By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) Watch the interview of Nawa-e-Waqt TV anchor Matiullah Jan with politician Kashmala Tariq and you will come to know the ‘tharak’ (entice) level of poor Jan.

He is literally dying to get frank with Kashmala… listen to him ‘Kashmala’ many a times in the interview. The way he was calling her by her first name he was trying to establish like how much intimacy he had with her. “His  tharak level was extreme”.  Perhaps Rameeza Nizami who raised  hue and cry when Jan was creating a scene at the office of Kashmala should ask her anchor why he was irritating and pressing Kashmala. Rameeza should better throw out such an anchor out of her organisation instead of protecting a ‘tharki’ in the garb of journalism.


Kashmala Tariq, the federal ombudsperson for protection against harassment of women, also issued a statement and Jan asked “inappropriate questions that were not in line with the intent and objective of the message for the particular day”.

According to the statement issued by the ombudsperson’s secretariat, Matiullah Jan was “recording a message” in connection with International Women’s Day. After the recording ended, the reporter and Ms Tariq discussed matters off the record, but the ombudsperson noticed that the camera was still rolling.

Kashmala objected to this “unethical behaviour” and “after the situation got tense, she was assured that the footage would be deleted”. However, while the cameraman was showing her the footage, Mr Jan started shouting, asking Ms Tariq to “behave yourself” and “shut up”, according to the press statement.


After watching the footage, Kashmala instructed the cameraman to delete it. “Mr Jan told the ombudsperson not to touch the equipment…and lunged towards her. “He not only harassed Kashmala but also pushed and injured other members of the staff,” according to the statement.

The ombudsperson’s office said it had prepared a contempt of court order, as well as warrants for arrest, against the Waqt News team.

Rameeza must clarify the position of Matiullah Jan. – Pak Destiny


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