Khattak — ‘another brutus ‘ — will PTI-P be doomed in KPK like IPP in Punjab?

Khattak -- 'another brutus ' -- will PTI-P be doomed in KPK like IPP in Punjab

By Irum Saleem

Has Parvez Khatak enormously fractured the PTI of Iman Khan in KPK?

  After taking away 57 former lawmakers from KPK, Khatak is dancing to the times of the powers that be.

  “Pervez Khattak has practically washed out Imran Khan’s PTI by creating PTI Parliamentarians in KP by fetching all big names into it.

A big jolt to Kaptan & a real challenge to PDM who are desperate to win the next elections there,” says PPP leader Shama Jonejo in a tweet.

   TV anchor Farah Idrees too made a comment on the PTI bloodbath in KPK saying the “The KPK was always going to be a different game all together. Already IPP is struggling to get attention of voters and supporters in a province like Punjab where changing loyalties is not “that” frowned upon, but with Pervez Khattak launching his own political party, the question remains how will he convince the people for whom set of values and loyalties are extremely important to vote him in?”

    Let’s see if PTI-P of Khatak is dommed like Tareen’s IPP. PAK DESTINY

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