Khosas are angry with Shahbaz Sharif but where is Sapna Mr Khosa junior?

By Kiran Bokhari

Islamabad, Aug 4 ( Political pundits are predicting different outcomes of Sharifs and Khosas differences but anybody knows where is Sapna?
The differences between the Khosas and Sharifs started when Shahbaz Sharif ordered registration of an FIR against Dost Khosa for allegedly murdering his second wife, actress Sapna.

Dost says he has not committed the crime but Shahbaz is not convinced. In his private circle Shahbaz said how could he spare a man that is accused of such a serious crime.
Though the PML-N senior leaders had asked Shahbaz not to allow registration of FIR against Khosa junior but Shahbaz did not compromise on ‘principles’ saying he was doing so on court’s order.
Besides, the Sharif junior does not like feudal lords in his party as he is more comfortable with darbari stuff like Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor and Zaeem Qadri.
While Shahbaz was quick to get a case registered against Khosa junior but where the investigation is heading, perhaps no where.
So Mr Khosa junior why you are complaining as Shahbaz’s police are not going to declare you ‘guilty’ at the end of the day.
The poor father of Sapna is running pillar to post to get justice but our judiciary is more keen to save itself from the onslaught of parliament, that’s why it took up countless petitions against new contempt of court law and struck it down after having back to back hearings. (


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