JuD exposes journalist Amir Mir’s plagiarism

By Kiran Bokhari
Islamabad, May 21 (www.pakdestiny.com) Plagiarism by journalist Amir Mir has not only cost him a Rs100million legal notice but also the ire of Jamaat-ud-Dawa.

Amir Mir, the brother of known journalist Hamid Mir, is reportedly good at ‘copy and past journalism’ and his latest ‘plagiarized piece’ about Saeed-Munter meeting put him in an awkward position. JuD wants apology from him. If Mir does so to ‘save him from the wrath’ of the JuD he should better also show the same gesture to his readers for offering them plagiarized work especially on terrorism since long.

JuD chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has served a legal notice of Rs100 million each on columnist Nazir Naji and Amir Mir for producing a false story about his ‘secret’ meeting with US ambassador Cameron Munter.  Saeed issued the notices through his legal counsel advocate A K Dogar.
Dogar said both Naji and Mir in their column (9/5/12 published in Daily Jang) and website story (12/5/12 published in Asia Times Online), respectively, tried to tarnish the image of Saeed.
He said his client did not want to have a secret meeting with a representative of the country which is the ‘murderer of millions of Muslims and enemy of Pakistan’. He said his client would also file a criminal case against both journalists who tried to defame him (Saeed) in Pakistan and the world.
Dogar said both journalists were bound to reply to the notice within 14 days otherwise legal proceedings would begin against them.
Nazir Naji in his May 9 column mentioned that after a bounty of $10 million was placed on Saeed’ s head ‘some people of extremists elements’ arranged his secret meeting with Munter. In the meeting both explained their point of views. After the meeting Naji said Saeed got ‘satisfied’ and he started taking part in his public activities openly as he was given some sort of understanding by the US envoy.
Naji said Munter announced to withdraw himself from the Islamabad posting after Pak foreign office refused to honor the US its announcement on Saeed.
Amir Mir who is The News International Journalist picked up Naji column and reproduced it as his own work for ‘Asia Times Online’ website on May 12. He also produces plagiarized work for another online Indian magazine ‘OutLook”. Interesting Mr Mir in this case could have saved him had he mentioned the source of his information – Naji – instead attributing some unnamed diplomatic sources.
“We want legal action against Naji and Mir for writing unfounded, baseless and malicious piece against a respectable citizen of Pakistan,” Saeed said. (www.pakdestiny.com)


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