Major scandal of PTI government involving a federal minister unearthed

Major scandal of PTI government involving a federal minister unearthed

By Raza Ruman

A major corruption scandal of PTI government has been unearthed but Prime Minister Imran Khan is sleeping over it.

Will PM Khan go for investigation against its favourite Ali Zaidi

Journalist Rauf Kalasra has come up with evidence against Federal Minister Ali Zaidi for getting his friend Atif Rais $84million metro Peshawar contract and also the minister is living at the residence provided by Rais.

The minister also included Raees name in government sponsored tours to China and other countries despite his name was in the FIR of Federal Investigation Agency.

Tainted figures all around at the helm making billions

“You (Ali Zaidi) are staying at Atif Raees home and getting home rent in cash from taxpayers for not using minister envlace residence.And same guy Atif RAees Khan is booked by FIA on frauds in a contract. Ur consince dont bother u man for staying at someone’s home who is facing fraud chages?” Rauf Kalasra said in a tweet.

He further said.

“‏ہر جگہ علی زیدی کا دوست عاطف رئیس جس کے گھر وہ رہتے ہیں اسے کہاں کہاں لے کر پھرتے اور کن وزیروں کی کپمنی انجوائے کراتے ہیں۔عاطف جسے پشاور میٹرو کا ٹھیکہ ملا۔ہیں جن پر کنٹریکٹ سکینڈل میں ایف ائی اے کی FIR ہے۔ماحظہ فرمائیں عاطف رئیس اور تین وزیر عمر ایوب،ندیم بابر&زیدی ایک فریم میں”

Will so called honest prime minister will dare to probe thus matter? A million dollar question… isn’t it? Pak Destiny


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