Mariam again gets preference over Hamza

By Kiran Bokhari

Nov 23 (Pak Destiny) Mariam Nawaz, daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has been appointed as chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, guess who is left behind in the family has not yet got any position in the government.
Mariam who since 1997 has been heading the Sharif Trust founded by her grandfather Muhammad Sharif, Sharif Medical City and Sharif Education Institutes, will act as focal person with the responsibility to coordinate, manage, finalize and supervise the implementation of the programme.
Getting this position shows Mariam is more strong candidate for premiership among the Sharif family scions and Hamza Shahbaz is considered a provincial leader like his father.
In other words like father Mariam will be central leader and future candidate of PM and Hamza like his father candidate for CM Punjab.
Apparently it seems this arrangement is finalised in the family. Let’s see if Hamza at some point outclass Mariam. Poor Safdar, husband of Mariam, seems to have no political future as he has been sidelined. – Pak Destiny


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