Maryam Nawaz’s wailing and PAT’s believe in divine justice

Maryam Nawaz's wailing and PAT's believe in divine justice

By Sarmad Ali

As Maryam Nawaz is cursing the PTI government for not providing better health facilities to his father, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek believes it is a divine justice.

“Maryam Nawaz bibi… you brought this CURSE upon your family by KILLING INNOCENT people in the Model Town MASSACRE. Did you ever UTTER one word for the INNOCENT WOMEN killed in that attack. The CURSE OF ALLAH ALMIGHTY FOR KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE will follow you,” PAT leader Khurram Nawaz Gandapur tweeted.

He made the tweet in response to Maryam‘s wailing she made through her tweet.

She said: “It’s a medical fact that every episode of angina worsens the heart disease further & can irreversibly damage the heart. Who will I blame or who will be responsible if anything happens to him God forbid? The callousness, I repeat, is shocking.”

Can one believe that it is a divine justice. Pak Destiny

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