Monster of ‘Auto Land’ Usman Mirza not booked under terrorism charges for stripping girl, shame on Islamabad police

Monster of 'Auto Land' Usman Mirza not booked under terrorism charges for stripping girl, shame on Islamabad police

By Raza Ruman

Although police have arrested ‘monster’ Usman Mirza for stripping a girl naked but not booked him under terrorism charges. This stripping incident is that of May but Islamabad police let this monster off the hook by registering a soft case against him and others.

Yesterday the Islamabad police woke from slumber when a video of Usman Mirza torturing and stripping a girl and her boyfriend went viral on Twitter. The incident took place at an apartment in sector E-11/2. In the video, six men can be seen keeping the girl and boy in custody at a gunpoint.

Usman stripped the girl and boy naked while threatening them. Usman Mirza also indulged in vulgar acts. The FIR has been registered under Section 354-A (assaulting and stripping a woman of her clothes), Section 506 (criminal intimidation), Section 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint) and Section 509 (sexual harassment) of the Pakistan Penal Code but not under terrorism charges as the act of this monster sent terror waves in the society.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat said that the culprit had been arrested after police efforts. “His accomplices are also being arrested. It is once again requested to please delete the videos which show the victims.” He said that all the suspects had been arrested.

Nighat Dad, digital activist, said: “We would urge everyone on social media to not share videos related to the ArrestUsmanMirza incident, especially those that reveal the identity of survivors. Despite our noble intentions, the videos staying up only serve to retraumatise the survivors of sexual assault.”

PPP’s Naz Baloch said: “Instant justice and speedy trial of heinous offence is the only solution to root out violence against women. ArrestUsmanMirza & all those who shamelessly witnessed the crime. Plz do not share the video & picture of the victims!”

Nayab Shahid said: “#ArrestUsmanMirza is not ENOUGH CastrateUsmanMirza might bring change to kill the audacity of these shameless monsters Ensuring safe environment for women should be your priority I Call upon all Law enforcement agencies & leaders to make #UsmanMirza exemplary for other men.”

Takveem said: “A Riyasat e Madina where perpetrators like #UsmanMirza commit abhorring crimes with impunity and roam free but a bill for the ones subjected to such treatment needs amends and is delayed to look into further. #ArrestUsmanMirza #HangUsmanMirza”.

Let’s see if our Raisat Madina ruler Imran Khan looks into this horrific incident and ensures justice to the victims. PAK DESTINY

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