PM’s secretary Asif Kirmani in new controversy

asif kirmani,nina akbar,scandal

By Sarmad Ali

(Pak Destiny) Social media is abuzz with a new scandal of a PML-N leader and an owner of fitness club in Lahore.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political secretary Asif Kirmani and Sukh Chane Wellness Club owner Nina Akbar were reportedly arrested during a raid at a rest house in Islamabad this week. They were however released after Kirmani used his influence. This is a story being run on social media.


asif kirman nina akbar scandal

Someone uploaded the pictures of their cars and rest house on social media. However there has been no word from either Kirmani or Nina over the episode. Pak Destiny has tried to verify the matter but could not find success.

asif kirman nina akbar scandal

asif kirmani nina akbar scandal -dunya news

This picture has also been circulating in Social Media where apparently Dunya News has broken the news of Asif Kirmani and Nina Akbar’s arrest.

– Pak Destiny


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