Mubashir Lucman buys a two-seater plane, making fellow anchors jealous

By Raza Ruman
Islamabad, Nov 5 ( Anchor Mubashir Lucman has bought a two-seater plane for his domestic use.

When his fellow anchors will learn about this news especially Hamid Mir they must be very disappointed and frustrated. They must think then that they still need to ‘target’ more politicians and others to make more and more bucks to match with this ‘para-trooper’ Mubashir in accumulation of wealth which he did so in a ‘short stint’ of his career.

According to a source in media industry, Mubashir appears to be fortunate that his small plane did not fall in Model Town near Shahbaz Sharif’s residence during training sessions.

“Mubashir is sick of traffic mess in Lahore especially the Khadim-i-Ala’s silly approach of digging every city road in the name of development,” a friend of Mubashir says. –


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